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Pest Control

General information on the common household pests

Periplaneta americana cockroaches (American cockroach)

It is the largest of the house infesting cockroaches, being about 40mm long with fully developed reddish/brown wings and light markings on the thorax. Commonly found in basements, particularly around pipes, these cockroaches are common inhabitant of sewerage systems. Females produce egg capsules each containing 16 eggs. Under optimum conditions the nymphs will reach sexual maturity in seven months.

Blattela germanica cockroaches

They are the most common pest species found in homes, restaurants, kitchens and canteens. Breeding throughout the year this cockroach is about 12mm long brown in colour with two dark streaks on the thorax. The female carries the egg capsule around until just before the nymph hatch. On average one egg capsule may produce 30 nymphs, which reach maturity in about 60 days. They carry disease and foul food.
flea Fleas

It is a common insect name for small, bloodsucking, wingless insects. Adult fleas, which feed on the blood of their hosts are surface parasites on the skin of human beings, other mammals and birds. Fleas are found throughout the world. Their eggs are laid at the edges of carpets, between floorboards, in the folds of curtains, in refuse piles and in other places that provide safety and adequate nutrition for the larvae. In five to seven days the eggs hatch, becoming larvae with biting mouthparts. After two to three weeks of voracious feeding upon organic refuse the larvae spin cocoons and enter a pupa stage. The adult flea emerges from the cocoon in one or two weeks. Adult fleas, which vary from 1 to 8 mm in length, have broad, rather flat, shiny bodies which are light red-brown to very dark brown, short antennae, and piercing and sucking mouthparts. Their eyes are either minute or absent. Their long, powerful legs enable them to leap relatively high into the air.


Rodents cause extensive damage all over the world because they destroy both human food and feed for animals. Both rats and mice are responsible for these kinds of losses. The damage rodents’ cause is not just a loss of food. The animals gnaw and contaminate goods and make them un-appetizing and unsalable (three times the amount of stored products eaten by rodents is contaminated by them). If rats or mice gnaw one tiny hole in a sack of grain, the entire contents can no longer be eaten by people and at best can only be used for animal feed. Rodents destroy other materials, too, even plastics (electric cables) or metal. Add to that the damage they cause before harvest, e.g., in rice, corn and coconut fields.

Certain rodents have spread throughout all continents as a result of global trade and the movement of goods. Three key species are the most significant pests: the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), the black rat (Rattus rattus) and the house mouse (Mus musculus). These rodents are not only found in the tropics (where they came from), they are also found in temperate and cold climates.

There they have followed human civilization and permanently live in human homes (black rat, house mouse) or move in during colder months (Norway rat). Poorly built buildings are open invitation for these rodents. They enter apartments, animal stalls or storerooms through cracks and openings to search for food.

Rodents are intelligent animals that can adapt well to new circumstances. But they are very wary of changes in their territory.
Our Recommendations

To treat extensively all areas on initial visits, thereafter on a quarterly basis. Should a re-infestation of pests occur, Zaptron will commit to re-inspect and treat if necessary at no additional cost. Treatment of premises would be as unobtrusive as possible using the safest means available.

Only registered pesticides will be used which could range from liquid insecticides, contact dust, gels & baits.

Fly Control
Cobra CobraTM

CobraTM has been designed and developed to enable us to offer the most efficient glue board insect control system available.

The NEW & INNOVATIVE translucent technology incorporated in the CobraTM enhances the UV light intensity compared to similar types of units. This unique UV dispersing technology allows the light to shine from the front, top and sides covering large areas and thus increasing the fly catch – even for small flies.

Our extensive research has identified that shape and colour as well as light output, influences the number of insects attracted. The CobraTM design includes all of these features. In addition, the unit is fitted with a UV light reflecting louvre panel behind the tubes to further enhance the output. The louvre also provides the further benefit of hiding the insects from view and provides discreet insect control for public sensitive areas.

The two specially formulated control boards ensure that once inside the insects are permanently trapped. The CobraTM glue boards have a huge 1400 sq cms (216 sq ins.) of insect retaining area which can be changed both quickly and easily.

The large insect retaining area makes it ideal for heavily infested premises, as it needs to be replaced less frequently. During independent testing CobraTM Translucent has proved to be the most effective product within its class and has consistently outperformed other units with more than twice the light output.
Vector Vector Plasma

Vector® Plasma™ has been developed as one of the brightest traps on the market with the quickest catch rate. Customer tolerances for pest problems are diminishing and their demands for immediate results are increasing. Tests show the Vector Plasma has the quickest catch rate than any other fly traps of its kind.

Engineered with the latest technology incorporating an electronic ballast, and featuring two 36-watt bulbs. This technology increases the level of UV, ensures a faster flicker free insect catch and reduces energy costs when comparing it to similar traps in the market place.

Flies quickly detect the high levels of UV and head straight for the discreetly placed glueboards behind the attractively designed screen panel. The Vector® Plasma™is an ideal trap for use in both sensitive customers and those with heavy fly pressure. These customers will appreciate the quick catch stemming from the high UV output (72 Watts) and will see quick relief and reap the benefits of two high capacity glue boards.

The Vector Plasma is a better trap by design
  • Maximum Attraction Two 36-watt bulbs produce 72-watts of flying insect attraction.
  • High Catch Rate Carefully angled glue boards disrupt flies' flight pattern resulting in a higher catch rate.
  • Easy to Service The lift and service grill and universal glue board make this trap easy and economical to service.
  • Easy Maintenance The electronic ballast eliminates the need for bulb starters and, therefore, never requires starter replacement.
  • Constant UV Output The high frequency electronic ballast provides flicker free, silent UV output.
  • Light Weight Easy to carry and install.
  • Thin Design Unobtrusive profile is suitable for most back-of-house fly control needs.
  • Sanitary Solution Keeps flying insects intact and confined to the glue board surface for easy disposal.

Food production | Food processing | Commercial Kitchens | Supermarkets | Hotel & Restaurants
Liberator Liberator - Glue Board

The Liberator is a range of insect control systems designed to offer the highest levels of insect control for all applications from takeaways and shops to food processing applications.

The development of this range focused upon excellent design and quality with the primary emphasis placed upon achieving optimum performance and maximum reliability. All products are certified to meet Worldwide safety regulations and units are independently tested to ascertain efficiency levels.

The Liberator unit is one of the quickest and easiest to service insect light traps on the market. The units are very economical to run and are available in either white or stainless steel and can be both wall mounted or ceiling suspended.

The insects are attracted to the unit by 15W UVA lamps and become permanently trapped on a specially formulated glueboard or alternatively the insect comes into contact with the high voltage grid and is electrocuted and safely falls into the large catchment tray.

  • Robust product, designed and engineered for the toughest environments
  • High UV output and insect attraction with 4x 15 Watt UVA lamps
  • Each unit offers the convenience of two mounts – suspended form the ceiling or mounted on the wall
  • Large catch area requires less frequent glue board replacement
  • Certified to meet Worldwide safety regulations

Food Processing | Shops | Supermarkets | Commercial Kitchens | Food Production
Eclipse Eclipse

Eclipse is the result of the fusion of design-led development, the very latest advances in Uva transmission technology and customer-driven demand for a unit to bring effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas.

Eclipse complements any décor and lighting scheme and even offers a range of different fascia colour and finish options to ensure it will enhance any existing room colour choices.

It also features integral soft-ambience LED visible light output that can supplement the lighting scheme in its chosen location and together with silent operation and the totally out of sight insect catch system, further disguise its proven control capability. In every way, Eclipse is the realization of modern, discreet and effective flying insect control.
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